Premium African superfoods

Locally sourced organic African ingredients

Originating across three small village farms in the smallest country in mainland Africa, Gambia. We have one simple goal, to share with you Villagers organic moringa powder and mild green tea. 

Our organic moringa powder is highly nutritious and beneficial for people who want to build a stronger immune system, through adding essential nutrients to their diet. 

Villagers organic green tea is naturally mild and easy to drink, making it the perfect cup of tea for anytime of the day. Our golden infused green tea is high in plant protein with anti-inflammatory health benefits for healthier skin.

For centuries we have followed our ancestors unchanged farming principles, saying ‘no’ to power machinery and chemicals; this way, we can better enjoy natures’ benefits while preserving its habitat. 

  • Togetherness


    It is our continuing mission to always be one with our farmers, suppliers, and customers 

  • Green


    We use zero power machinery and no chemicals in our farming process. Our pyramid green tea templates and any plastic we use are biodegradable

  • Quality


    We follow our ancestors’ teachings, and undertake natural farming philosophies to deliver the highest quality moringa powder and green tea

  • Accountable


    We know our actions can affect people and the environment, so in every decision we take, we always consider the impact

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