Friends of People

Supporting children within our farmer and wider local communities to have access to better education.


Child looking at chalk board

About The Charity

Friends of People provides the opportunity for young people within local communities in The Gambia to have access to education. The background of these children represents some of the poorest around the world. However as experienced by Sol Sahor, the founder of VILLAGERS, having grown up in the same community, access to education allowed him to learn how to seek information, build bridges and open doors. Our aim therefore is to give children the support they need to uplift themselves, their households and community. 


What Have We Achieved?

5 years ago, when we started this journey, we worked closely with the families of 15 children paying their tuition fees every term. Since then, we now support the education of 80 children financing both their tuition fees and access to lunch and dinner. The consistency in the support received for the last 5 years has seen the children really adapt and enjoy their continued education which motivates us to continue playing our part in their success. 


Our Target

As VILLAGERS continues to grow with the support of our customers, we intend to support the children of wider local communities to have access to better quality teaching, facilities, stationery, and safer environment. Together, we can enable these children to return to their communities as qualified professionals and implement long-term social change. 

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