What We Care About

If you look closely, the challenges we face in achieving a sustainable environment has a direct impact on every individual.

Sol Sahor (founder of Villagers)


Our motivation

For many businesses, the idea of sustainability is something new but for us villagers, the philosophy of sustainability is encompassed within, derived from the early teachings of our ancestors. It is a key pillar to how we live and ultimately farm for a better future. We strive to keep to these unchanged farming principles so that we can better preserve the environment.   

Man smiling
Making Villagers Tea
Tea pot

Our three
village farms

Sometimes quality and integrity can be lost through mass production and these practices can have a negative impact on the environment that we live in.

To mitigate these issues, we made a promise to support organic practices and source directly from the three independent farms we started this journey with. This also means that our products do not contain any artificial flavourings or colourings.

Through our charity programme we offer education to young people within our three village farms and wider local communities - read more here.

Tea pot with cups

Our teabags
and packaging

We are fully committed to 100% sustainable packaging. Our pyramid tea bags are plastic free and biodegradable which means they are home compostable, whilst our packaging and shipping cartons are recyclable. 

Villagers Tea box in tree