Defined by Values and Traditions

We are a small community of villagers, sharing our love and passion for ancient African tea and moringa enjoyed for centuries.   


Tea in circular spoons
Our story

Villagers is an ethical health and wellness business originating from three small village farms across the ‘smiling coast of Africa’, The Gambia.  

As villagers we hold a deeply rooted collective culture of sharing and a positive approach to life and farming. We are one of the first to bring West African harvested tea and moringa to the European and North American markets. 

As a business, we only use the very best. Our traditional farming methods mean the moringa and tea leaves we pick are among the finest available, and only those picked in prime season from March to July go into Villagers products. 


Our mission

To provide you with natural, high quality traditional African mint green tea and moringa, sourced locally and ethically. A mission shaped by our ancestors’ strong passion for natural farming.

By recognising the importance of plants and animals that shape our ecosystem, we are able to produce 100% organic tea and moringa that we all enjoy while preserving the environment.

Why African tea
and moringa

Africa is abundant in nutritious wild plants packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, and antioxidants.

For centuries we West African villagers' have depended on these wild plants as a natural source of wellbeing due to their remarkable health benefits. However, many remain unknown outside the region. Hence, Villagers is here to change that with our premium moringa powder and mint green tea.

Speaking in kitchen
Delivering tea

So why

Originating from the continent, we have an unparalleled bond with our rich in plant protein mint green tea and moringa. These have naturally helped shaped our wellbeing for years. This puts us best placed to share the wellbeing benefits with you.

Our mint green tea and moringa are all 100% natural, vegan and help create sustainable incomes for the villagers' who continue to drive the accessibility of better wellbeing through nature.