Adding culture into our packaging

Green & yellow circle pattern

The African Wax

The African wax print has always been tied with various cultural and historical events.


As our products find new homes around the world, we wanted to include a distinctive touch to signify its origin. The touch needed to be unique, vibrant and storytelling.  

We didn’t have to think long or hard on the African wax print. These prints are worn across the continent with different designs having its own meaning. Their boldness makes one stand out from the crowd, adding colour and uniqueness to their lives.

It is this uniqueness that we wanted to capture in our packaging design.

“Wax prints can be named after and inspired by personalities, cities, building, sayings, occasions or well-known individuals.”

Nikki Billie Jean

Girls dressed up
Man & women dressed up
Woman in dress
Woman in fashion walking
Fashion woman walking
Smart man dressed up