Consuming For Our Future

Consuming For Our Future

Ethical consumerism is a form of activism through ‘currency voting’ in which consumers spend with businesses who adopt high ethical standards. Now, more than ever, consumers are realising the strength of their voices expressed through their spending; which is arguably one of the most powerful methods of reform. 

A huge ethical movement in today's society is veganism; the practice of refraining from the use of animal products. Some may call this extreme but documentaries like Cowspiracy, Before the Flood, and The Game Changers have shed some light on the benefits of veganism including animal rights, health & wellbeing, environment, and athletic performance to name a few. While it can be overwhelming to consider a shift to veganism, businesses are making the transition for its consumers more reliable through certification. Look out for the vegan symbol or visit for more information

We do not use any chemicals or machinery in our farming process, and with great expertise, our villagers use natural sun to dry the leaves for a crisp and clean flavour. Our products are of the highest quality, organic and vegan. 

Together with our customers our future and health looks bright and clean!

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